Should Brits bare all in Ibiza?

Ibiza, like most Mediterranean Islands, has a plethora nude beaches across the island. But as shy British holiday makers make their way over to the White Isle, should they risk everything and drop the trunks and bikinis?

No one can deny that walking around naked in public for the first time is a horrifying thought.

Even if you are the biggest extrovert that dominates bars and the dance floor, somehow walking around in the buff in front of people you don’t know is not quite possible.

But British tourist Mike Epps, speaking about his experience on the Ibiza nude beach Es Cavallet says: “When everybody is naked and you feel free to be naked too. Everyone is in the same boat together.”

Ibiza certainly has its share of nude beaches - and even those that are not ‘dedicated’ beaches for those wishing to walk around in the buff - couples and even families are more than happy to reveal all. Agua Blancas, on the eastern side of the island, has a cliff made of clay that swimmers and sunbathers coat themselves with, and as one gets closer to the clay area, the less people wear until finally you get to the hardcore naturists at the end of the beach.

Give it a try

The author of The World's Best Nude Beaches, Nick Mayhew, says: “I imagine a lot of Ibiza holiday makers will be planning to shed an inhibition or two as they walk through passport control, and of course nude bathing is something that always crops up in lists of '100 things to do before you die'.”

He adds: “A sunny, laid-back beach in the Mediterranean where bare bodies of all sorts can be found enjoying the surf is as good a place as any to drop the bikini or trunks and give it a try.”

Although Es Cavallet is more of a gay-centric location for male nudists there are other beaches driven towards the female and family market.

Aguas Blancas along with Cala Bassa and Cala Conta on the west coast are all beaches for first timers in Ibiza.

Mayhew says: “Don't forget Ibiza's little sister Formentera where nude bathing is so much part of the beach culture it is easier to list beaches that aren't used by naked holidaymakers.”


Aug 29, 2012

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