• Cala Molí is a deserted beach for most of the season (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • Aligning the right hand side of the beach are fisherman huts (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • The water is so clear, swimmers can see the bottom well into the lagoon (Photo: Jesus Lopez)

Water so clear it’s like air

Down towards the southern western part of the island is a tiny beach, so small that one would miss it unless they were looking out for it. But should you head down the dusty track, the reward is magnificent.

Cala Molí is certainly one of the bigger deserted beaches anyone is likely to find, there is more than enough space here to set up camp and relax with a beach towel and parasol. Buried in between a valley of green trees there is a wonderful flavour of colours to feast upon, leading down to the white shaley beach and the transparent blue water. No where in Ibiza will one find water more clear than the sea here, and being able to see your toes a metre down. Boats look like they are hovering a metre above the water when looking down from above. 

Locals also sell there trades here. One woman, a masseuse from Malaga, offers massages to the holiday trade. Another sells homemade ice creams. There is a very nice feel around the place, as if this was a centre location for all those people with the entrepreneurial spirit that have resided in Ibiza.

There is also a restaurant here, complete with its own set menu and swimming pool. Drinks are also served here until late.

Upon the ridge of the valley is the Cala Moli Hostal, complete with outstanding views of the  bay - a fantastic place to enjoy breakfast.


Aug 29, 2012

Wow! I just cannot get egnouh of these breathtaking pictures. I soooo want to be there!!Thanks for posting all of these wonderful pictures up so that we can all enjoy them!Keep Posting!

By Amanda

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