• Plucky swimmers try their luck on the rocks
  • A boat moored on the horizon
  • The challenging terrain of Sol d\'en Serra

Scrambling to tranquility

Away from the densely populated beaches of western Ibiza, the east side presents welcome relief away from the crowds and the endless thumping music of the tourist beaches – a vexing issue that seaside promoters and beach bars that haven’t been able to clock.

The kilometre long but narrow rocky beach at Sol d’en Serra requires a good scramble to get along its coastline. It's absolutely not the place for anyone looking for sand and a flutter of cocktail bars. It’s the opposite in fact, with sometimes hostile and treacherous rocks needing to be negotiated before sunbathers can find a nice flattish surface to lay their towels. 

The reward, however, is one of the most precious commodities in Ibiza – tranquility.

It is one of the least populated beaches of Ibiza whatever time of the year - the reason why many boats here park up with their crew and enjoy the calm nature of Sol d’en Serra.

The seaside journey doesn't end at the scramble, for those entering the water represent a greater challenge. The technique is to use all four limbs and to pretend you’re a Tarzan walking through the trees. Grab onto rocks in front of you and make sure your feet are secure to go forward inch by inch until the water is deep enough to launch yourself into the ocean in a frog like leap. Then kick like hell until you’re beyond the seaweed and other rocks and into the lagoon.

For water ever the reason, the water here is so warm that even the most tepid of Englishman doesn’t feel, that sudden rush of coldness upon entry. This is like a warm bath and one could probably tread water all afternoon should the occasion call for it.

Being within a sharply curved bay, there’s little wind here and the temptation is to visit the boats and see if you are welcomed aboard for a glass of Sangria. But Sol d’en Serra runs on a different pace to the other bar packed waterfronts. This is a place of solitude, both for you and the boating counterparts.


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