• St Anges is just north of San Antonio for those looking for a bit of calm (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • The church is a great place to cool off (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • An old Renault sits in front of one of the three bars in St Anges (Photo: Jesus Lopez)

The tiny village with three packed bars

Those people who like heading out of London to the countryside looking for some kind of adventure and love coming across a local pub in the most idyllic of villages will draw symmetries to St Agnes.

Upon first entry into this tiny village, there’s nothing really that grabs a your eye. If you were to drive through here, the place would be forgotten as soon as you would leave. But upon closer inspection, St Agnes, a few miles north of San Antonio has really benefitted from people looking to escape the crowds and the mayhem of the West End.

Depending on what time of day you arrive there will be different things to do. A morning pitstop at around 11am is a great time for a walk in the typical Ibizan terrain. Starting from the church, walkers can do a small lap around St Agnes which takes them down a dusty track past small farms, fresh lemon trees and lots of seventies machinery. It’s like a scene from The Godfather. The journey is a trip back in time where it is clear to see how these islanders lived all those decades ago - a far cry from the crowds of British tourists.

Be sure to stop in at the local tienda, a small shop that has been run by the same family for a century.  Here one can buy everything from a packed lunch for €10, traditional Ibizan sandals and of course cerveza. Fresh bread is delivered here everyday, and even just a chat with the shopkeeper is well worth popping your head through the door.

At lunch time, a small restaurant, owned by the same family, opens which includes a bar serving draft beer that is always welcome in the sweltering heat of the Spanish sun. Traditional tortilla is also served, freshly made the same day.

But it is arguably the evening when this small hamlet really comes alive. Buses from San Antonio take groups of people directly to its groovy bar restaurant: Bar la Palmera. Serving all the coastal delights of seafood it is a great little place that comes alive in a the middle of seeming nowhere. Looking at the restaurant in the middle of night from afar, it is the only object that lights up for miles, nestled in the Ibiza mountain-range and yields a gentle hum of people talking, laughing and music playing.


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