• San Antonio in all its glory (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • In the other direction one can just about see Ibiza town (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • Through the thick forests on the moutain range one can see spectacular views (Photo: Jesus Lopez)

Top of Ibiza, top of the world

The peak of Ibiza enables the viewer to see both sides of this incredible island.

The debate as to which side of the island is better will roam on for years in Ibiza. San Antonio has the wild, crazy, out of control facets with its beaches and super clubs Ibiza Rocks, Eden and Es Paradis whereas the old town has the culture, the port side bars and the castle.

Both are such different places, and one can wonder how they are a part of the same island. But on the peak of Ibiza, one can quite literally compare the two towns side by side.

One can stare at either side of this spectacle for quite some time identifying key features that make Ibiza Ibiza. San Antonio a bustling mass of bodies hanging on the beach, playing in the water, on a side which undoubtedly looks hotter than anywhere else on the island between the dark blue ocean and the rich evergreen forestry.

Ibiza Town looks a class act from up here, with its port as busy as it every was 100 years ago, but now with commercial ferry liners gushing in and out with its 50,000 horse power engines.

Towards the south you can see the airport, with tiny matchstick like toy planes taking off and landing at regular intervals. And beyond that the lakes and the outskirts of Formantera.  

Top of Ibiza, more like Top of the World.


Aug 26, 2012

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By Megan

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