• Cala Vedella is a small town targeted at the familly and couple market (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • The view from the cafes (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • There are plenty of palm trees to chill under throughout the day (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • Dotted all over Ibiza are small castles - many of which have been restored (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • All along the water front a series of cafes (Photo: Jesus Lopez)
  • A high number of boats still dock in the Cala Vedella harbour (Photo: Jesus Lopez)

Old hope defines modern luxury at Cala Vedella

When fisherman first discovered Cala Vedella, they must have had a small fiesta to celebrate its revelation.

It is arguably the most perfect natural bay on the whole of Ibiza, with the retreat so deep that ships are totally protected from the Mediterranean elements even in the most terrible of storms. Even in the depths of winter, any kind of sea vessel would be safe here but furthermore, it would act as a natural fish farm that would be just as easy to catch as a river.

To this day, it is still a popular destination for the rich and wealthily to leave their boats which has determined the small town it has become today. Naturally then, one of the nicest things to do in this oversized paddling pool is do some snorkelling near the rocks and circle the bay or simply head out and lie floating on top of the salty water and star up at the blue sky.

With a series of well financed and delicious restaurants along the shore, the beach has a more sophisticated demographic to other parts of the island with couples and families flocking to the island.

The food is a refreshing change for those who wish to avoid the British junk food in San Antonio. Instead, all restaurants offer set menus of fresh fish and other seafood, taking advantage of the plethora of produce that comes from the sea literally a few hundred yards away.  

Cala Vedella is bigger than most ordinary seaside towns, and aside from the bars and restaurants is a small underground club called Bar le Cueva which is down some steps towards the left hand side of the beach.

It is without doubt a place anyone could come to, however, be it on bikes or on scooters for a day. If tranquility is the thing that you are looking for, Cal Vedella is the place to go.


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