• (Left to right) Jack Wills baslow playsuit, £59; Hoss Intropia draped neck dress, £265; Zara Damages Denim jacket, £39.99

How summer prints are becoming the Ibiza trend in 2012

Two words: summer prints. The trend is going to be huge this season and we’ve already seen it slowly working its way into collections over the autumn and winter. For summer, prints will be busier and brighter than ever with paisley, floral and striped designs leading the way. 

The key to wearing prints is with confidence. The look can be bold but that doesn’t mean we should shy away from injecting some colour and pattern into our summer attire. Even those who have never experimented with prints before can have fun incorporating the trend into their wardrobe.

British university outfitters brand Jack Wills has introduced their summer holiday range just in time. The collection is fun, flirty and full of prints. Their baslow playsuit comes in a busy print of intricate red and blue florals, finished with an elasticated waist band and two front pockets.

Wear this with a pair of soft brown leather sandals and beaded bracelets for a relaxed holiday look. 

Leading international street wear label Zara offers a striking printed jacket in a sophisticated pattern of ocean blue, navy and silver. The key to wearing this statement jacket successfully is to pair it with other garments that don’t compete for attention. Make the foundation of your look monochromatic – select a simple tee and tailored trousers or jeans in a hue of black, grey or white which will allow the jacket to shine as the key focus of the outfit.

For those who are not fans of busy patterns and lines, opt for something subtle where the print is not dominating the garment but merely complementing it. Spanish label Hoss Intropia does a draped neck dress in brown decorated with a delicate butterfly print in a dusty rose. It’s pretty, it’s feminine and anybody could pull off this print without feeling like they’re attracting too much attention.


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