The 24hr music machines

The European power houses of dance, electro, house and techno music talk to the Ibiza Paper during their fortnightly radio programme HeavenGate

Woody Van Eyden cuts a cool figure sitting on the couch outside the Mambo Cafe Studio along the sunset strip in San Antonio, Ibiza. Heʼs just got off the plane from Germany and has literally dropped his gear off at the hotel and come straight for an interview with the British Forces radio station.

He hands his round the clock media assistant, Timo, a note and says: “Go and get some beers in.” He points at me and says: “Heineken?” I can tell immediately Iʼm in good company.

Clearly exhausted from the flight and with sweat on his brow, Woody has come a day earlier than his music compadre Alex Morph in preparation for their fortnightly show HeavensGate. This will then be followed by a duel set at Judgement Sundays a few hours later.

Woody is passionate about everything. Heʼs got charisma and energy on nearly any topic you ask him. “Oh my god the sunset is so beautiful, I canʼt believe weʼre seeing it,” he says foregoing his live broadcast.

Following his radio interview, he tells me heʼs out for the night and to adjourn the following evening with Alex and their star guest for the evening Judge Jules.

I walk into studio twenty minutes prior to the live broadcast at 8pm to find Woody, already behind the decks ready for the show and Alex Morph sitting with his iPhone on the sofa seemingly knackered. I quickly find out why.

Having played a set on Saturday night in Amsterdam, Alex spent a couple of hours at a friends apartment and went straight to the airport to catch his flight to Ibiza. Then, begging to have a couple of hours sleep, wasnʼt allowed into his hotel room as he had arrived before 1pm. He then had a meeting at 2pm, after which he headed straight to the studio.

“And later weʼre playing at Eden after which I need to catch a flight back to Germany for a wedding,” he says.

“Sometimes you can forget what day it is,” says Alex. “You have to love this job to be in it.”

The pair of them, despite their demanding schedules, are full of life. They are self admittedly a complementary double act. “I am the mouth and he is the ears,” jokes Woody between songs. They, between them, came up with HeavensGate a fortnightly radio show broadcasted live from Ibiza across 200 different FM channels. It is also rapidly becoming a name artists and fans alike are getting to know with live gigs and shows all over the world.

It has become their very own label, which the biggest names in music are interviewed and submit their own mixes for the show. Judge Jules is todayʼs big name.

He walks into the studio with his identifiable glasses and is put straight on air. Woody and Jules chat for a few minutes on pre parties, having two phones and of course Judgement Sundays, now into its tenth season in Eden.

It is a brilliant chemistry between the two super DJs, who go back 15 years. “Whenever he needs something, Iʼm there and whenever I need something heʼs there,” says Woody.

The man has a rich generous streak running right through him, and voluntarily announces: “And Tom is here, from The Ibiza Paper, hereʼs the website address...” He turns around and gives me a ʻhigh fiveʼ.

Alex and Woody head off to nap before their set in the early hours of the morning. Theyʼll be back though, every two weeks to the White Isle. Some how I donʼt think Iʼm the only one happy about that.


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