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Recycle Art: ‘Where creativity and sustainability fuse together for a magical Ibiza experience’

It may come as a surprise to some, but not everybody heads to Ibiza for a week of mindless partying. 

The island has so much more to offer, and this is what island artists Annabelle Widmann, known as ellebannA and Sara Lostum founder of performance company ‘A Punto de Plumas’ aim to show participants of their Recycle Art workshop, which takes place on the island at the beginning of September. 

For a very special week infused with Ibiza magic, stepping away from the island’s stereotypical fame in the tranquility of the beautiful Ibiza countryside behind Sta Eularia, participants are invited to explore the beauty and nature of the island through both creativity and sustainability, where everyone involved will learn more about the island and that anything can be made into something beautiful if you can look past its face value.

The Recycle Art workshop invites fellow environment and art enthusiasts to experience Ibiza from an insider’s perspective. 

Throughout the week each participant designs and makes a costume with the added Ibiza twist of gathering all their own materials from recycled sources where possible, implying a wide range of techniques to create and design their own individual costume which they will later use in a choreographed performance. 

With the island as your art shop, trips to the forest, beach, skip and anywhere else you can think of give rise to some truly wild and interesting creations. By turning what others may think of as waste into something beautiful, this really is an eye opener for both your own creative abilities and an endless list of opportunities; you’d be surprised at the creative diversity of something as simple as a plastic bag.

Local islanders and Recycle Art founders Annabelle and Sara first fused together as a creative team last summer, combining Annabelle’s creative knack for fashion design and Sara’s sensorial performance expertise to give rise to this diverse and unique workshop. Annabelle explains how their combined talents work together to pursue their joint vision: “We found the combination of blending our contrasting activities of the soft and sensual to create a 'sensory performance’ with the manipulation of coarse rubbish that we perceive as ugly an intriguing concept. 

The idea is to raise awareness of the potential beauty and useful properties within rubbish, through manipulation we can convert waste into something beautiful as well as useful”

The island’s awareness for the importance of recycling and preservation is increasing, making this workshop as much as a social concept as it is creative. 

It all harmoniously syncs what is important to both Annabelle and Sara as well as serving as a platform to learn more about the island and it’s development. Annabelle explains how this coincides nicely with Recycle Art and its vision: “The Island is generally becoming more aware of the importance of keeping it clean and the appreciation of nurturing its beauty has grown”.

The involvement in the production and performance of the ‘sensory performance’ helps participants to bond together as a team as well as exploring yet more creative diversity, exhibiting the fruits of everyone’s labour in a live public performance. 

Together they chose the concept of a sensory performance, as Annabelle encourages participants to “deliver a message to the public without words but through movement by stimulating all your senses as well as theirs”. The use of body awareness techniques Body Mind Centring and Linklater make the costumes come to life, directly communicating the efforts and achievements of the week with the audience through an unspoken visual dialogue.

Once this door to this very special part of Ibiza has been opened, you’ll never look at the island in quite the same way again. Annabelle shares her love for the Ibiza she has grown to know, and how she hopes this workshop will raise awareness for the importance of beauty and its need for protection: “I love Ibiza because its my home, because it is compact with diversity and utter beauty. It’s buzzing in the summer and is calm in the winter; throughout the year it attracts all kinds of extravagant characters that highlight its wild purity. 

Through Recycle Art project we hope to share and raise consciousness to help make a difference on the island and ultimately across the world”

For more information on how to get involved with this magical Ibiza experience please contact recycleartproject@gmail.com 




Sep 11, 2012

How nice to see the message on sustain ability and recycling is slowly getting through more projects like this please

By BronwenRolt Grier-Rees

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