From clubber to leader

How one DJ made it all the way from a paying punter to dropping the beats and entertain the 6000 people crowd at Eden.

DJ, journalist, entrepreneur. Call him what you want, but there aren’t many people about that have the depth and breath of knowledge of Ibiza than Andrew Darwin, a 28 year old disk-jockey better known to his fans as DJ Darz.

Inspired as a fresh faced 18 year old in 2001 during a Judgement Sunday set, Darz set on a journey that would eventually lead him to playing at Eden.

In 2003 he started playing sets in the UK that would eventually lead to performances at the Ministry of Sound and Cream Fields finally resulting in his first performance at Judgement Sundays.

“It [Eden] has so many special memories. It was the first club I partied and the first club I played.”

Since then, Darz has played all over the island including the likes of Kanya, Itica, Plastik, Orange Corner and Savannah.

“DJing wise, I’m influenced by DJs who have a massive interaction with the crowd, and in my 10 (or so) years of clubbing I’ve seen no-one better at this and rocking crowds than Judge Jules and Eddie Halliwell,” he says.

Although Judgement Sundays was Darz’s initial influence the DJ has since expanded his music versatility and now ranges from electro to funky house, “And anything else in between,” he says.

DJ Darz came to the attention of TIP with an email with the subject line “Ibiza Guide 2011”. The attachment was a 90 minute podcast, outlining what’s hot and what’s not in the tracks and DJing world.

“The island is unrivalled to anywhere in the world,” he says. “It is the epicentre of dance culture. Just think, where can you see this plethora of awesome DJs choosing for a dozen super clubs every night of the week from May to September?”

The man has a point. Although Europe has seen other islands such as Maia, Aya Napa and Mallorca all have their day in the sun, Ibiza has remained the true constant throughout the years.

DJ Darz will be writing exclusively for The Ibiza Paper from next Saturday June 25, 2011


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