• Sankeys in full effect last season
  • Tiefschwarz are amongst the artists lined up to kick off Sankeys' second season
  • There\'ll be plenty more hands getting thrown in the air...

The sound of the underground; Sankeys opening party

After a cracking first season amongst the big hitters (which you can read about here in our chat with David Vincent from the club), Sankeys are back for another bout as the interesting alternative to the usual big room line-ups to be found elsewhere in Ibiza.

Whlie they’re playing their cards close to their chest for the majority of the season, the “Part 1” of their opening party has been announced for with a lavish line-up of house and techno troubadours. Taking pace on May 24, it’s a canny mixture of established favourites and cult choices, not least having the many-sided die of Solomun and Tiefschwarz at the top of the bill. A live set from Âme should bring a touch of shimmering deepness to proceedings, while there’s a strong Italian contingent including Franco Cinelli and Cadenza favourite Alex Picone.

Maintaining the role Sankeys played last season in providing a more intimate setting in which to catch high grade electronic music, it will be interesting to see if they build on this identity over the coming months in a bid to compete with the might of its closest competitor (and neighbour) Space.

To get a feel for what Sankeys Ibiza is all about, head to the official site.


Aug 26, 2012

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By Mehmet

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