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Rise of the underdog; Sankeys pulls its sleeves up for second season

After giving us a detailed breakdown of their tumultuous first year, Sankeys Ibiza have disclosed a few teasers which point the way for the forthcoming season. After a late start to last summer, which managing director David Vincent puts down to a careful consideration of the strict licensing in Ibiza, the team have had the chance this year to build their residencies and line-ups with a bit more thought for where the club fits in to the marketplace.

“This year we’re really booking what we want,” David Vincent said when asked about the choices the club is making this year. “Last year we were booking what we could get. This time we’ve had a long time to think about it.”

The two key new residencies are Steve Lawler’s Viva brand, which will be bringing a well-honed tech house sound to Wednesday nights, and the leftfield deep house and techno of Solomun’s Diynamic imprint, which will preside over every Tuesday session.

“Solomun is massive at the moment,” Vincent states about the German producer. “When he played for us in Manchester a couple of weeks ago it sold out a week in advance. We’ve got a lot of the fresh wave of new talent for sure that in the next two to three years will be the top tier.”

As well as those two key regulars, you can also expect to see some one-off parties from Belgian techno institution Fuse, and Ibizan mainstays Monza. However, in keeping with a well-documented upward trend on the White Isle this summer, Saturday night Carnival events are undergoing a makeover.

“There’s going to be a live act every week at Carnival,” Vincent states proudly, reflecting the inception of Ibiza Live at Eden, the Ibiza 123 Rocktronic festival, and the many ways in which Ibiza Rocks continues to bring live music to Ibiza. “Most of it will be live electronic stuff, but there will be a couple of quirky bands playing that are legendary. The sort of bands that inspired dance music to where it is today.” When pressed on whether said bands might have a lineage in Sankeys hometown, Vincent wryly replies, “there might be the odd famous Manchester band that come for sure.“

With New Order already snapped up for Ibiza Rocks, we’ll leave it to you to speculate on who else might be a worthy contender for influential dance-orientated Manchester band.

The only line-ups announced in full for Sankeys thus far are the opening weekend’s, with the second night featuring a wildly eclectic and decidedly left-leaning selection of artists which firmly places the club as the outsiders choice, bar perhaps the headliners.

“Basement Jaxx actually contacted us and said they wanted to play at Sankeys,” Vincent intones, proving further that the club has a specific appeal in its size and programming in comparison to its neighbours. It would seem that some of the other line-up dwellers such as Mosca and Jackmaster will be making their Ibizan debuts. With strong profiles in the UK scene, these kinds of acts mark a break away from the norm of the island, with a hybrid house-garage style that is long overdue a break in the Balearics.

Expect further line-up announcements from the club soon, but for now it would seem that Sankeys is already establishing itself as the alternative choice when looking for a night out on the island.


Aug 26, 2012

I was rather depnspoiatid but then why am I not surprised Armin van blah blah is number 1???This year has been particularly great for Dubstep/Drum and Bass producers and DJ\'s!If Andy C is there then why not Skream? Hello???!!! Goldie?! Also I am surprised with Calvin Harris being top 90\'s. Good for him. Just don\'t stick Mark Ronson in the bunch!and WTH to Boy George?!Again, hello! Where is Max Vangeli? Diplo? Aoki?! Surely they diserve recognition!Anyway that\'s my rant over with, for now. Again I am pretty depnspoiatid.

By Blanca

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