• The scene inside the Hacienda at it's peak
  • Kevin Saunderson will be making the trek from Detroit
  • The self-styled godfather of house Marshall Jefferson will be in attendance

Party like it's 1982; The Hacienda comes to Space

While it can't be denied that Ibiza had a pivotal role in the emergence of acid house after a bunch of wide-eyed Londoners spent a summer in the company of Alfredo & co., it can't be denied that The Hacienda and the surrounding Manchester scene was equally influential.

In honour of 30 years since the legendary club first opened its doors, Space will be playing host to a line-up of veterans of the scene that had a big part to play in the heyday of FAC51 (as The Hacienda is also known after its place in the history of Factory Records). Leading the charge is Kevin Saunderson, a man whose legacy spans both underground credibility and chart-topping success. As one of the founding fathers of Detroit techno (alongside Juan Atkins and Derrick May) he spearheaded a movement which still resonates in dance music to this day. In his Inner City guise, he and vocalist Paris Grey created timeless singalong classics such as Big Fun and Good Life. Of course in the early years of his career, he was a regular fixture at The Hacienda when he crossed the Atlantic.

Representing the Chicago house side of the late 80s music revolution is Marshall Jefferson. Quite simply, if you haven't gotten down to 'Move Your Body' at some point in your lifetime then you've been going to the wrong nightclubs.

808 State's story is synonymous with that of The Hacienda, as the fabled acid house group rose to prominence in Manchester and eventually worldwide in the late 80s. From the early days of 'Pacific State' and 'Let Yourself Go' to later jams such as 'Cubik' and 'Oops', the group were a huge influence on the developing UK rave scene.

Likewise Graeme Park held pride of place as a resident at The Hacienda, having picked up on the first strains of house music emanating from the East coast of the United States and representing them in the UK before anyone else.

So as you can tell, the party going down on June 9 at Space promises to be full of chunky rave chords, mind-twisting 303 lines, jacking drum machine beats and an atmosphere of baggy t-shirt revelry. Whether you think the return of such things is good is completely subjective, and of course there's not a year that goes by without some kind of anniversary providing an excuse to revisit past glories, but when a line-up of musical heroes such as these get to cut it alongside the modern dance music elite in a club such as space, it's never a bad thing.


Aug 29, 2012

Jessica - Wow! Beautiful location and colpue. Looks like everyone had a great time. Lovely photos Anna, you always know how to capture beautiful memories.

By Rebecca

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