• Pikes Hotel was the setting for Wham\'s famed Club Tropicana video
  • Alfredo will be digging deep into his record bag for the occasion
  • With the party starting early, who knows how late it will run until?

Back to the roots; The Heritage Project

While many are touting 2012 as Ibiza’s “year of change”, there is still a contingent dedicated to preserving the original party principles that came to form that Balearic mystique back in the 80s.

DJ Alfredo should need little introduction to any serious aficionados of the Ibizan way. The original resident of Amnesia (back when it was little more than a barn) influenced the future London acid house instigators (Oakenfold, Rampling et al) amongst others, playing a subversive yet freewheeling melting pot of party music unbounded by generic restrictions. Under his watch, the music would roll from unbridled sing-a-long pop to new wave, disco, industrial, and of course the earliest strains of house music from Chicago.

Now Alfredo and his son Jamie Fiorito are starting a new project at one of Ibiza’s most iconic locales, Pikes Hotel. Under the apt banner of “The Heritage Project”, this coming Saturday the father and son combo will be steering a night that starts early with cocktails from 6pm.

There is promise of surprise special guests, which wouldn’t be too much of a shock considering the clout Alfredo carries on the island, although it’s unclear ahead of the night just how long they will be able to keep the party going for.

Aside from this venture, you can be sure to catch The Heritage Project assisting in the festival-esque antics of We Love… on Sundays at Space, if you want to get a taster of what it was that inspired so many in those hazy late 80s summers.


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