• The place Burn Studios\' finalists will call home before the winner is announced
  • Burn Studios are involved in supporting electronic music all over the world

Push for the Burn; Mambo join the drive for new talent

Having impressed with their skills at the IMS, the eleven finalists locked into the Burn Studios Residency initiative are now preparing to return to the island and engage in a “gruelling bootcamp” where the likes of Sasha, Luciano, 2ManyDJs and Jamie Jones will be imparting their wisdom on the decks.

Perhaps gruelling isn’t the right word to choose for the plucky contestants, who are battling it out for three of them to proceed to prestigious residencies on the island.

Meanwhile Sunset Strip institution Café Mambo has joined the fray, with talk of a “creative hub” being built on site at the iconic venue. This move goes beyond a simple case of sponsorship, as the soon to be completed studios look set to offer access to state of the art facilities for both unknown and established music producers, free of charge. It’s a magnanimous gesture that could lend a decisive hand to burgeoning talent on the island, and they plan to offer this service all year round.

“We are excited about our new relationship with Burn on the development of their residency program and looking forward to making outstanding studio facilities available on Ibiza’s sunset strip,” gushed Mambo’s owner Christian Anadon. “We have an exciting summer coming ahead!”

“As one of the most loved and respected institution on the island,” added Burn’s marketing manager Erik Hofstaedter, “working with them to invest in the future with the new facilities is indicative of Burn studio’s long term dedication to the electronic music scene.”

Quite how the studios will offer out their space remains to be seen as there would likely be scores of hopefuls willing to step up and give it a go in a world-class studio, but before then the space will be the training ground for the Burn Studios finalists and their unforgiving world-famous DJ coaches.



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