Monza ready to hit the road

With Sankeys now open and getting full swing into its second season, this weekend will see one of the final pieces of the puzzle fall into place as Monza come to roost.

Having spent nine years promoting parties in Ibiza, the Spanish crew know what they're doing when it comes to putting line-ups together. As of last year the team joined up with Sankeys, most likely spying the chance to grow with one of the more underground institutions on the island. This season they will be commandeering every Sunday from July 1 through to October 7, taking over The Box with their preferred brand of house, techno and minimal.

For the first party this Sunday, Germany's Guido Schneider will be leading the way, while standout guests lined up for the rest of the season reportedly include Ricardo Villalobos, Mr C, Alexi Delano and Federico Molinari.


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