Feel the force; Neil Moore heads back to Mambos

It’s a tough gig being in the army if dance music is one of your main passions, as there don’t tend to be many opportunities to rave it up on duty.

Fortunately though, the British Forces Broadcast Service thought about that and drafted in Neil Moore to present the Club Culture show, which takes to the road as of this coming weekend for the annual trek across Europe to capture the party spirit of the high season.

As well as broadcasting live from the Nature One festival in Germany, Neil sets up a regular shop at the studios above Café Mambo, where throughout the summer he is joined by guests including Hed Kandi’s Andy Daniels, rising star Dan Kelly and trance lynchpin Woody Van Eyden.

Playing a mixture of peak time electro house and trance, Neil’s show does a great service to the men and women out in the field, bringing some positive energy to what is no doubt one of the tougher jobs out there. Having broadcast from Ibiza for the last 8 years, there’s no doubt that Neil knows what he’s doing, not least when he has also taken the show to Kosovo, Bosnia, Iraq and Kuwait.

“The most enjoyable part of the tour is, even though it's a lot of awake time I always seem to come away revitalized,” Neil explains. “If just a small part of that feeling transmits itself to someone serving thousands of miles away from where they would rather be on a hot summer night, then it's job done.” Having served himself, there’s no doubt Neil speaks from the heart on that topic.  

The first show broadcasts this Saturday July 21 between 6pm and 9pm (GMT) and you can tune in via the BFBS official site.


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