• The crowd was treated to a marathon of music
  • All rooms were packed to the rafters

Relentless pace set as We Love goes old-skool

The "We Love Space" opening party got underway last night with a packed list of the globe's finest taking to the decks to kick off Ibiza's Sunday favourite for 2012.

On the terrace German favourite Tensnake wowed the produced a live performance using his electro-fused disco and vocal house that captured the mood nicely and engaging the troops with a skilfully worked set. The floor-fillers followed with Ame, Dixon and Henrik Schwarz smashing the floor as part of the Innervisions Showcase with a huge prime time party vibe, bouncing beats and clever breaks sending the party people on the podium clutching the air and leaping into a frenzy in a packed Terrace area.

The main room took on an old-skool vibe with the great combination of Paul Woolford and Ben UFO really switching up the styles, driving deep and tech house, giving way to main floor acid and synth lines. Heading up the main room was Detroit legend Carl Craig showcasing his '91-'94 sound and seminal Planet E release under his 69 moniker.  As you would expect from a pioneer - this was not an old-skool theme show, but the real deal - epic early '90s snare fills and claps crashing relentlessly through the tracks underpinned with massive rave stabs, melodic breaks and occasional reese bass to the crowd’s absolute delight.

The Detroit baton then passed over to Mr Derrick May who showed the crowd just how it's done, immediately dropping a party tune complete with funky sax solo and effortlessly intertwining funky vibes and pounding house. This breathed life into the ravers for the final straight - cue the lad staggering around with his flipflops in the air - as May steered the We Love Space plane into land with a bang. This night was clearly a winner with a well thought out line up bringing balance and variety of tunes combined with a very willing party crowd.


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