• He may have turned 50, but Mr Cox is not showing any signs of slowing down
  •  John Digweed on the decks shows the pool in talent there is at the Revolution this year

The fantastic Mr. Cox finds mature groove as master continues to find the Space Recruits  

Carl Cox may have just turned 50, but he’s certainly still got it. If anything, his party Revolution Recruits at Space, which is celebrating its 11th year on the island, proves that older really does mean wiser. Watching Carl Cox play is far from a standard DJ set, he knows that main room in Space like the back of his hand and interacts with the crowd and the progression of the evening with such an accuracy that new faces on the music scene could only dream of. As one of Ibiza’s longest standing parties, Revolution Recruits is back for more with some extra bite.  

Dubbed by Mr Cox himself as “The Rolls Royce of clubs”, Space has just come top of the row for DJ mag’s ‘Top 100 Clubs’ for the second year running. Hard to argue with really, there aren’t many places left where you can dance the sun down and up again in the same venue. Space is like a maze of fun, with secret corners and rooms of musical treats at every turn. The terrace and the main room are the hub of the action, but when you feel like a breather or a little wander there is always something going on either up on the first floor open-air Premier Etage or the infamous Space Salon. 

Getting lost really isn’t an issue, walking through room after room of fun is always an adventure. The evening starts on the sunset terrace at the fresh hour of 8pm, taken over by Future Disco Ibiza who are renowned for their excellence in sunset beats with the help of Wildkats and Krankbrothers. 

Gently easing and teasing us into the antics of the evening to come, this is where the party starts. By 12pm everyone is sufficiently fuelled by deep tech house to start moving into the main room, where Heidi and John Digweed warmed the crowd up with some of the slinkiest techno of the island, holding fort for a fun packed three hours before they eventually step aside and let Cox and his infamous smile illuminate the room. 

Mr Cox is the ultimate groove machine, that contagious smile and deck mastery rule the rest of the evening. Most importantly, he’s here to have fun too, grabbing the mic at all the right times to check that we’re all enjoying ourselves as much as he is. Of course we are. He keeps a relentless pace of smooth yet upbeat tech house, with a nice deep twist keeping on trend with the deep takeover of 2012.

Everyone is drawn to his monstrous and minimal beats from all over the club, he’s like the Pied Piper for techno lovers, unwittingly drawing everyone to the main room with his irresistible techno skills. His music alone is enough to keep everyone going, and there isn’t the need for the over excessive light displays to maintain momentum, but the surprise visit of a 10ft illuminated Robot from the main room ceiling half way through the set was a welcomed guest amongst the crowd, and the laser displays were spot on to spice things up without leaving you feeling dizzy. 

It’s no wonder that this is one of the longest standing parties of the island. Cox will be taking over Space every Tuesday for the next twelve weeks, sharing the decks with some familiar faces Sasha, Marco Bailey and Fatboy Slim amongst other friends. New kids on the block from the underground techno scene too will be accompanying their master to freshen things up for 2012. Sharing and caring is a true passion of Cox’s, and this year’s party is a simultaneous mission to scout out the next big names in techno.

The Revolution Recruits DJ contest sets out to find four talented individuals to join him for a spotlight performance later this season, as well as the hunt for a Revolution Recruits theme, calling all producers to give their best shot at establishing a theme for the legendary Tuesday night. Trying to communicate the spirit of the Revolution through just one track will be no easy task, but the winner will have their theme officially released after the 2012 season as well as having the opportunity to brush up their skills with the renowned SAE institute. It’s nice to see Cox, the Daddy of dance giving the next generation the opportunity to keep the momentum going for years to come. 

Smiles all round then as Carl Cox keeps spirits sky high for another season. He’ll also be celebrating the big 5-0 at his favourite club on July 31st, choosing Space as the venue for this birthday bonanza to be celebrated alongside some of the best DJ talent around in true Coxy style. A fun packed summer ahead indeed. The music industry better be ready for the inevitable imminent invasion of Cox and his recruited army. 








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