Luciano flaunts his first two months of Ushuaia

Cadenza have issued a slick new promo video documenting the first two months of Luciano's residency at Ushuaia.

There's certainly no shortage of subject matter for a wandering camera at Ushuaia, from the scores of attractive, sunkissed twenty-somethings to the costumed dancers, not to mention a slew of premier-league artists, hence a twelve minute run time.

It's fair to say that out of the guests Luciano has had at Ushuaia thus far, most are regulars at his parties, so it's no great surprise to see the likes of DJ Sneak, Radio Slave and Derrick Carter gracing the decks at the helm of the dwarfing club. Either way, artists such as Laurent Garnier don't to get so many shouts in Ibiza, and it's good to see them sharing the same appreciation as other more populist acts.

Sneak in particular takes the prize for playing up to the camera, posing for photos and chilling out on the bar behind his decks mid-set, puffing his cigar and rocking the brandy with a hustle that could only come from Stateside.

The steady chugging tech house soundtrack could perhaps do with being bolstered by some ambient crowd noise to get a bit of the soul of the party into the mix, but in all honesty director Terry Church’s film paints a very appealing picture of Luciano’s “other” party indeed.


Aug 26, 2012

Hans And you know Nancy, I never ever doubted that you would make it. I fowlloed you all the way and knew that with your collective temperament and determination you would do it, however difficult it was. Well done\' is not enough to describe it, but I am sure you know what I mean![]

By Auth

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