Diving on the White Isle

Winning awards is something that has become second nature for an island like Ibiza.

Best nightlife for holidaymakers, top clubs, great beaches - you get the picture. However, what the White Isle is not accustomed to is scooping prizes for its sporting facilities.

This could all be about to change, however, thanks to water sports, or more specifically, scuba diving.

Earlier this year the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) presented Ibiza with the honour of being the best European destination for diving - an award which was collected by President of the council Xico Tarres.

The PADI has 12 registered diving centres across Ibiza, giving those on their travels ample opportunity to explore the island from another level.

But what is it about the Mediterranean Sea surrounding Ibiza that makes it worthy of such high recognition?

The Posidonia seabed, a stunning ocean floor with an array of different wildlife, has been added to the Unesco Heritage list while divers are able to explore the Don Pedro - a cargo ship which sunk not far from Ibiza’s main port. Further underwater adventures can experienced in Sa Pedrera and Ses Margalides.

And as David Perea, the regional manager of the PADI in Spain and Portugal reveals, Ibiza is a great site for divers of all abilities.
“Ibiza was chosen as one of the best diving destinations because of the courses it offers and the locations it provides,” said Perea.

“Ibiza is a popular tourist area and is one of the first of its kind to be recognised for its diving facilities.

“This is largely because of how clear the water is around the island and also the temperature it holds.

“Another positive is the fact that all the best diving destinations can be reached by just a five or ten minute boat ride.

“And when you have a great site like the Pecio Don Pedro to explore, the award makes perfect sense.”
Seemingly Ibiza’s award winning clubs and DJs have a new contender in the hunt for silverware.



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